23 January 2012

Notes on Painting a Room

This weekend, I was finally able to get some work done on 11th Ave Bachelor Pad project. The "client," aka my boyfriend, and I finally got a plan in place, so Saturday was spent buying furniture, lighting, paint, and supplies. 

Martha Stewart's Wrought Iron
We painted an accent wall (yes, don't gag. I've done two of these and they've made a great impact) in an hour and here are some of my tips: 

  • Take paint chips to the furniture store to reference while you shop. Camera phone photos are unreliable. 
  • If you're going to tape off the edges of the area you're painting, buy GOOD tape. The blue 3M tape sucks. Get Frog Tape. It does't bleed. 
  • Be generous with the amount of paint you put on your roller. If you're hearing a peeling noise when you are painting, the roller is too dry and you're making bubbles. In addition to making bubbles, you will spatter paint everywhere!
  • Beware that taping off your edges will not necessarily give you perfect edges. You will need to cut in regardless to refine any ragged edges that result in pulling up the tape. 
  • Buy a good, quality beveled brush to cut in. I prefer a 2" brush.
  • Cut off the bottom of an empty water bottle or a cup to use as a paint holder for your edge work. You'll only need an inch of paint in it at a time. The amount of paint you need to touch up is going to be minimal
  • Watch this video here on how to cut in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_uEi8ww4ZA(skip to 4:09, turn sound off) 

Stay tuned in a few weeks as this project unfolds. Do you have any painting tips, trials, or tribulations? 

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