20 March 2012

Apt #13: Updated bed with overstock headboard

Three weeks ago, I bit the bullet and purchased a headboard online. My budget was under $300  (Ahem, $271.99 with FREE shipping!) and I had been eyeing the Wrightwood Queen Nail-button Headboard on Overstock.com for quite some time. The headboard arrived yesterday and I assembled it in less than 15 minutes.

The headboard is about 2 inches thick and attaches directly to my metal bedframe via metal legs that you can adjust to alter the height of the headboard. This is helpful, as the depths of most mattresses vary.  Assembly required no more than a flat head screwdriver and it was expertly packed; no bumps, burnishes, or dents on the headboard.  
It is adequately padded and the black microsuede has a deep, saturated black. I'm very happy wiht the nailheads, which are of good quality and patina. The microfiber will be easy to clean and keep free from dust with a lint roller. Pretty low maintenance. 
As you can see here, the headboard comes away from my wall due to the baseboard moulding. Despite this, it doesn't wobble and is firmly attached to the frame.

I'm quite happy with this piece. It was a quick fix and an end to the conversation of "I"m just going to make my own headboard," which I started saying two apartments ago. Now that I live in NYC my time, resources, and spaces are equivalent to money and just purchasing something that will do the trick(at a great price) is worth it.

What do you think? Have you purchased any furniture from Overstock.com that's been a great bargain?

19 March 2012

Weekend Highlights: Tales of a Decorator

Last week was madness between my day job and doing my decorating projects on the side. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world because it challenges me to budget my time wisely, and pushes my creative eye to the max. 

If you're not following along on Instagram (@bigbeigebox), which is where I end up when I disappear off the blog because it's quick and easy, here's the past week in pics. 
I spied an amazing grave yard while walking to a client's office in the Greenwich Village. Check out the lovely patina that the corroding paint takes as it ages and peels off the cemetery wall. This could inspire a really cool room with its greens and deep hues. 
 Later on in the week, I got side tracked at M&J trimming. I'm going to stop there this week to make my choice and trim out my inexpensive vinyl roller shades.
I got into the fun with the DVF for Gap Kids launch and scored a pair of leggings for myself. This is the only time I can take advantage of being as small as a large teenager. 
Domino is back! And they're asking readers to post pics of their old stash of Dominomags. Follow them @dominomag on Instagram. 
I got dressed for St. Patty's Day and paid homage to my Irish roots (I'm roughly 50% Irish if you can believe that!). The party lasted only a few minutes in the morning, as I spent 12 hours in Brooklyn shopping at Ikea and the like. 
All that time and effort Saturday paid off when we found the perfect lamps for my wedding dress designer client's new office. We have been working hard to assemble and style her office in time for her April 2012 launch!
After spending 12 hrs Saturday shopping and assembling, I dedicated my Sunday to more IKEA assembly...this time for myself. I think by now I'm the Queen of the MALM dresser. I have put together roughly 11 of these in my lifetime and I'm ready to retire.

How was your weekend?? 

15 March 2012

For the love of rugs!

I spent a big chunk of this week finalizing a rug selection for my client's office and let me tell you; there are a lot of great, affordable rugs out there for under $300. If you're following me on Pinterest, you will have noticed that I've been furiously adding great rugs to my boards. Here's a sampling.

Please keep in mind, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just know that somewhere out there, one of my readers is in the market for a new rug and it's a hard task. The best variety and sources I've found have been on RugsUSA.com or Overstock.com. There's almost always a promo code for deeper discounts, free shipping, and returns. Has anyone bought from here? Please share.

Hunting Tips: Using Craigseasy to search your local Craigslist

Holy mother. I just discovered this via Emily A Clark's blog and am now wondering if I was living under a rock.

Craigseasy is an app that allows you to searche Craigslist in pictures. Click here to go here and drag the bookmarklet into your browser toolbar. Then, go to the Craigslist page of your choice. Click the "easy" bookmarklet you just dragged up there and begin your hunting!

Happy hunting!

13 March 2012

New and exciting things

South Africa still lingers with me a full two months post-holiday and I luckily was able to get my fix by winning a magazine giveaway from South of the Sahara blog. Kirstey is, ironically a South African graphic designer living in Boston-my old stomping grounds. I found her blog late last year while researching my holiday and she's been an amazing resource! I swear, I'm writing off Google searches and travel sites from now on. Find a blogger and always get the skinny on your research topic.
Check out a few peeks at what's trending right now in South Africa, as it's late summer there.
Also, my python trays that I got for 60% off (via my Klout perks discount for ahem, $35!!) from Gilt Groupe arrived today. I was expecting a much better python print and quality, but for 3 trays, I can't complain. I used them to corral some objects in my room.

Tray #1 is on top of my printer and houses the glasses I wear during the day.
 Tray #2 is on my window sill and corrals more schtuff.
 Tray #3 adds some flavor to a little vignette.

What do you think? I tried to see if these were available on Gilt, but unfortunately they're gone.

10 March 2012

Projects in the works

The 11th Ave Bachelor Pad is coming along. West Elm sconces are up, and we're left with selecting shelving for the wall on the right, as well as finding a desk chair (not shown). I'll be working on that this weekend, hopefully.

Here's a snap of one bedroom with the linen duvet from Restoration Hardware. As you can see, it's very wrinkly but it's soft. No complaints here.

Tune in to my Instagram all weekend (@bigbeigebox) for updates.

09 March 2012

Green is everywhere!

The green trend is creeping into the mainstream and I'm, of course, loving it. I honestly believe that this time the bloggers started the trend, as we were talking malachite (think Bri and Dannika) way before House Beautiful and the lot.

Now, green is everywhere. As I mentioned before, House Beautiful did an entire issue dedicated to green this month. (I squealed out loud in delight in Duane Reade yesterday) Buy it. I'm trying to track down some clips of my fav pages in this issue and I'll post ASAP.

Since green has been on my mind all year, here's some eye candy to get you inspired to incorporate a little green into your home. You can access more green trends on my "Mean Green" Pinterest board.

Please share your green inspiration photos by linking below in the comments. I'd love to see how you've incorporated the shade into your home!

Also, be sure to check me out on Twitter (@bigbeigebox), where I post my decor finds and favorite blog posts of the day. 

06 March 2012

Art updated for #13

I got crazy last week and updated the painting in my room by dumping a whole lot of green paint on the existing canvas. Then I smooshed it around. Let it dry. Hung it back up. And am contemplating.

I think it needs some gold leaf. 

This was what I call Phase 2 of this painting. I had originally drizzled on some paint and it just wasn't enough. 
This was the original, Phase 1. 

NYC on the street: Chrysler Building

The view from the 69th Fl of the Chrysler Building
Friday I went to the dentist....in the Chrysler Building. I seriously didn't know I was there until I walked into the lobby and saw and explosion of Deco goodness. (Note: when you're 5'3" you miss a lot of what's going on overhead)

Here's some of the snaps I took with my iphone in the elevator and lobby. I'm definitely returning to get legit shots of the ceiling mural.

The Chrysler Building is located on the intersection of 42nd St. and Lexington Avenue. It was built in only 2 years, completed in 1930. According to Wikipedia, it was built at the rate of four floors per week! From base to tip, the Chrysler Building stands at 1050 ft and is the 4th tallest building in the city.

It was designed by architect William Van Allen who, in the race to build the highest skyscraper in NYC, secretly built at 138 ft spire inside the frame of the building in order to surpass a rival project at 40 State St. It was the first man-made structure to surpass the 1000 ft mark, however, this accolade was not rewarded--owner Walter Chrysler refused to pay his architect fee (There was speculated financial drama with the building's contractors)!!!

This building is absolutely breathtaking and the views are simply amazing. Since this is a full-functioning office building, you won't be able to get a tour like the Empire State Building, but I recommend taking a gander at the lobby. 

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