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09 April 2012

NYC: On the Street- Mima Building

Spent Easter on the terrace of this amazing apartment building! The MiMa building is part of the real estate movement that's bringing people west of 9th Avenue. It boasts over 40 floors, has AMAZING shared space terraces that boast an outdoor movie theatre, sun deck, and multiple grilling stations. My friends and I BBQ'd (Braai'd for our South African readers!) for Easter and enjoyed the great, warm NYC weather. Did I mention that there's also a doggy daycare and an Equinox gym on site for residents???? Unreal. 

19 March 2012

Weekend Highlights: Tales of a Decorator

Last week was madness between my day job and doing my decorating projects on the side. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world because it challenges me to budget my time wisely, and pushes my creative eye to the max. 

If you're not following along on Instagram (@bigbeigebox), which is where I end up when I disappear off the blog because it's quick and easy, here's the past week in pics. 
I spied an amazing grave yard while walking to a client's office in the Greenwich Village. Check out the lovely patina that the corroding paint takes as it ages and peels off the cemetery wall. This could inspire a really cool room with its greens and deep hues. 
 Later on in the week, I got side tracked at M&J trimming. I'm going to stop there this week to make my choice and trim out my inexpensive vinyl roller shades.
I got into the fun with the DVF for Gap Kids launch and scored a pair of leggings for myself. This is the only time I can take advantage of being as small as a large teenager. 
Domino is back! And they're asking readers to post pics of their old stash of Dominomags. Follow them @dominomag on Instagram. 
I got dressed for St. Patty's Day and paid homage to my Irish roots (I'm roughly 50% Irish if you can believe that!). The party lasted only a few minutes in the morning, as I spent 12 hours in Brooklyn shopping at Ikea and the like. 
All that time and effort Saturday paid off when we found the perfect lamps for my wedding dress designer client's new office. We have been working hard to assemble and style her office in time for her April 2012 launch!
After spending 12 hrs Saturday shopping and assembling, I dedicated my Sunday to more IKEA assembly...this time for myself. I think by now I'm the Queen of the MALM dresser. I have put together roughly 11 of these in my lifetime and I'm ready to retire.

How was your weekend?? 

06 March 2012

NYC on the street: Chrysler Building

The view from the 69th Fl of the Chrysler Building
Friday I went to the the Chrysler Building. I seriously didn't know I was there until I walked into the lobby and saw and explosion of Deco goodness. (Note: when you're 5'3" you miss a lot of what's going on overhead)

Here's some of the snaps I took with my iphone in the elevator and lobby. I'm definitely returning to get legit shots of the ceiling mural.

The Chrysler Building is located on the intersection of 42nd St. and Lexington Avenue. It was built in only 2 years, completed in 1930. According to Wikipedia, it was built at the rate of four floors per week! From base to tip, the Chrysler Building stands at 1050 ft and is the 4th tallest building in the city.

It was designed by architect William Van Allen who, in the race to build the highest skyscraper in NYC, secretly built at 138 ft spire inside the frame of the building in order to surpass a rival project at 40 State St. It was the first man-made structure to surpass the 1000 ft mark, however, this accolade was not rewarded--owner Walter Chrysler refused to pay his architect fee (There was speculated financial drama with the building's contractors)!!!

This building is absolutely breathtaking and the views are simply amazing. Since this is a full-functioning office building, you won't be able to get a tour like the Empire State Building, but I recommend taking a gander at the lobby. 

23 February 2012

NYC on the street: Macy's original escalators

Last Saturday, I had the task of getting a wedding shower gift....which took me to THE Macy's in Herald Square. You know, the one with the entire floor of shoes that has its own zip code??

That, however, was not the draw to Macy's for me. The escalators were. I learned about them a while back on NPR and finally saw these in person. 

They're made of wood. The steps are large, grooved wood stairs that are wider than your average escalator. They're in shabby condition which adds to their charm in my eyes. They're definitely a relic of days past by. 

It was funny to me because the store did nothing to preserve these or make them stand out as part of the original structure. They're just there. No pomp, no circumstance...just a part of a bustling department store. That's New York for ya!

22 January 2012

Happy Sunday

I just took this during my walk this morning. If you live in NYC, there are times you pick your head up and stop dead in your tracks-this city is gorgeous when you stop and look. 

Spent all day yesterday outfitting a room for the "11th Ave Bachelor Pad" and will be painting in a few hours. Made some major progress on furniture, lighting and bedding. I went to the NYC Home Depot in Chelsea yesterday for the first time. It's amazing; they sunk a Home Depot in the middle of a city block and it's bright, spacious (for the city), and organized. I was in heaven!

I will be posting pics of the project throughout the day (except when the Patriots are on!). You can follow me here on instagram:

07 December 2011

Guerrilla sightseeing NYC

What a weekend! On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney from Courtney Out Loud during his trip to NYC. We spent most of our time eating delicious food and wine at Eataly and talking shop. It was such a great feeling to meet up with someone who has a burning passion for design and is so open and willing to share his knowledge and experiences! The blog community has been so kind to me and it motivates me to push myself farther into design. THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, my bff came in from LA and we spent the next four days running amok in the city. I was able to get her some culture in between drinks and amazing meals. Here are some of the snaps I managed to take. 
We stopped at MoMa (which should really be my second home) and spent a lot of time on the painting floors. It never ceases to amaze and awe me that I can walk down the street and be around the works of Master artists like Van Gogh and Monet. My mummalah raised me on a strong dose of water lillies so every time I see this gargantuan painting, I get lost for a while. 
My friend pondering Monet's technique. 
I stumbled upon Van Gogh's  Starry Night. I don't recall seeing that a few months ago so it may be a new addition to MoMa. I could be wrong, but if you're in the city please check this out. It's even more spectacular in person. 

Lately, I've been very interested in watching people take in the art at museums. I've seen some really cool moments: a man swooping his wife around to steal a kiss in front of the Monet was one I wasn't able to get with my camera. It was so spontaneous and cool to see. 

We visited the 911 Memorial yesterday. The grey, misty weather was a somber backdrop and echoed the subdued palette of cool stone and bronze in the grounds and architecture. Because each individual's experience here is so different, I will only say that the memorial design is PERFECT. It secures the footprint of the Twin Towers in the landscape and outlines the vacancies they left. I can't even put into words how powerful it is to be there in person. 
Lastly, today we shopped in Soho. Here's a shot I took while lying on the couch at the Frye store. There are over 2800 straps of leather, all about 4 ft long, with circular metal rings attached at the bottom. The rings are the hardware from their "Harness" boot. Coolest chandelier EVER!

22 November 2011

On my block

photo: Big Beige Box

I shot this a few weeks ago with my iphone from the back of a cab that I just had hailed to go downtown. The shadow caught my eye at first and when I traced back to see who it belonged to, a woman in the most unique outfit caught my eye. I literally had ten seconds to get my phone out of my bag and take the picture before the cabbie sped off down 9th Ave.  I was so lucky that the car next to us didn't get in the frame and steal this moment away. 

The beauty of this shot is that you can literally write two different stories: one for the shadow, and the other for the lady. They are focused in two totally different directions and yet originate from the same place. It makes me think about perception and perspective-the shadow caught my eye when I took the shot and I thought it belonged to a random person handing out menus. I didn't notice the colorful lady until I was cropping the shot in the cab on my iphone. Now I wonder what she was doing all dressed up in the hot pink fascinator and what she handed out. There's no way I could have dreamed that that person was attached to that shadow. 

This shot reminds me that to be mindful of how I perceive people or certain situations. If a picture speaks 1, 000 words, how come it doesn't always reveal the whole story?

14 November 2011

NYC Buildings: Central Park and NY Public Library

My college roommate (Hi, Ab!) came to visit this weekend and we shot a TON of photos. She is one of a handful of friends that I can fun anywhere with, doing absolutely nothing. We trekked over 5 miles on Saturday in glorious, crisp, Fall weather. I was planning on shooting with my personal Canon and getting a lesson from her on using my manual settings, but I failed to charge my battery and was only left with my iphone. Here are some of the snaps I took and uploaded on Instagram (@bigbeigebox). 
We left my house in Hell's Kitchen in the morning and walked up 8th Ave to Central Park, crossing through Lincoln Center. We walked up to the park to the West 70s and cut across, as I've never explored the East side. This picture above is taken at the Conservatory Reflecting Pool, where visitors can rent motorized mini sailboats. 

According to the official website, Central Park's plans originally called for a formal flower garden and a large glass conservatory, surrounded by a reflecting pool. The plans for the conservatory were abandoned, but the pool stayed, inspired by similar ones in France. 

Did you know that there are over 29 sculptures in Central Park? This one by Michael Sailstorfer was installed early September of this year and is made out of  truck tire inner tubes. It's absolutely stunning in person and rises over 30 ft above the sidewalk. Be sure to check it out (it's on Central Park South, across from FAO Schwartz) as it will be there until February 2012. 
Lastly, we toured the New York Public Library's Stephen Schwartzman location on 42nd St. This beau-arts building opened to the public in 1911 and is considered the "main" location for the NYPL. We checked out the free tour (every day at 11am and 2pm) and got a great history of the construction and materials of this amazing building. 
The exterior is made of Vermont marble and some of the pillars inside are solid slabs. This building also has a corridor of marble harvested from Greek quarries that also supplied the Parthenon.  

Every weekend this city unfolds in front of me and I'm amazed and so appreciative of all the "new" things I discover. Please comment if there's a place you'd like me to investigate, I'm open to suggestions and would love to see NYC through your eyes!

Happy Monday!

12 November 2011

A little to the right...Bergdorf Goodman

Took this while out in the city today. Looks like BG is doing their windows for the holiday. 

28 October 2011

NYC On The Street: Bergdorfs

The view of Bergdorf Goodman as seen from Central Park South earlier this week.

Look at the brass detailing and all the intricate lines that play between the windows....LOVING it. 

See all of my shots from the streets of NYC on Instagram: @bigbeigebox

25 October 2011

NYC buildings: Empire State

The thing about NYC is that you can easily miss the landmarks if you don't look up. The base of the Empire State building isn't that remarkable and for someone like me who is all of 5'3" off the ground, you miss a lot of cool things at eye level. 

That's why you always need to LOOK UP when you're in the city. But if you do, please pull over on the sidewalk. Locals like me really hate running tourists over who stand in the middle of EVERYTHING with your shopping bags like there's nobody else in the universe. 

Yep, that's right, I'm local now :)

07 October 2011

NYC Buildings: Noho Geometry

How amazing is this? I caught a glimpse of this on the corner of Laguardia Place and W 3rd St.

I'm still working on my entryway to show you. We need more black things (umbrella stand) to flesh out the space. It currently looks like this:

Yes, roommate bought the Missoni for Target bathmat. Serving as our rug.
Somebody's a big fan. 
No, really, this is his happy face. 

29 September 2011

16 September 2011

NYC On The Street: Today

Union Square seen from the street. 

Marble Collegiate Church, 29th St. 
San Genaro Festival, Little Italy

Just a few snaps of my journey today at work. 
If you're in NYC, LOOK UP. You'll be amazed at what you find. 

Side note: Some really cool info about the Marble Collegiate Church-

On Sunday, March 19, 2006, the third anniversary of the start of war in Iraq, the congregation and friends of Marble Church hung thousands of ribbons on the iron fence that surrounds the church as a physical representation of prayers and a plea for peace.
Gold ribbons, displaying names, ranks, and ages of the thousands of American service people who have lost their lives, represent prayers for the surviving families and friends. Each Sunday morning during worship, the names of service people who have died in the war in Iraq are read aloud. At the conclusion of the service, their names are attached to ribbons and affixed to the fence with the others.

Blue ribbons represent prayers for the families and friends of the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have lost their lives, and for all who have been wounded. The toll of human pain and suffering is impossible to measure.

Green ribbons represent prayers for peace in the Middle East.
Since its installation, thousands of people walking past Fifth Avenue and 29th Street have been impacted by this image and have stopped to read posted information about the ribbons and review the names that are attached.
Marble Church congregants and friends continue to pray daily for the wounded and the day that war is no longer an option.

31 August 2011

25 August 2011

NYC ON The Street-Kips Bay Green

Here's another snap from my day walking around Kips Bay on Tuesday.

This kelly green was so saturated, the pic doesn't do it justice. I wanted to rip the door off its hinges and take it with me.

I'm off to Newport this weekend to see my parents, barring any other natural disasters. (First an earthquake, now a hurricane???) Weather permitting, I'll be uploading snaps of my favorite buildings there. 

Happy Thursday!

24 August 2011

NYC on the street

There's so much diversity and contrast in Kips Bay. Check out the modernized building on the left. It's ivy-cascading balcony and wood door is its only saving grace.

Also, is that color combo on the right historical? I can't decide if it's on the mark or missed it completely.

12 August 2011

Summer in the City

So this was the view from my "office" yesterday AM. It was absolutely gorgeous, low 80s, and I walked out of a client meeting and saw that Union Square Park was virtually empty at 11am. I seized the opportunity to take a seat at the bistro tables and make a few phone calls.

I was also rocking a new chiffon-ny wrap top in lieu of a suit coat. I picked it up for virtually nothing at Nordstrom Rack (also in Union Square) the day prior and couldn't resist rocking it the next day.

The pattern is unbelievable. Check it out: 
(Animal print (zebra) + Chevron)watercolor effect = AMAZING!

This pattern is to die for because it softens the traditionally graphic pattern you see with Zebra.

Source: via Katy on Pinterest

If my new purchase mated with some gorgeous furniture, this would ensue.
Are you dying yet??? I want to crawl there and shack up for a weekend reading books and eating chocolate.

Happy Friday (finally!!) I'm off to Philly to meet some babies and hug some mommies. Can you say, bouncy house + wine? May be a dangerous combo. 
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